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Create a life unique to you!


Have you ever wondered why some people live their lives smoothly and effortlessly no matter what life throws at them? 

Everyone goes through personal and business issues but some people seem to find it easier to pull themselves out of negative situations.


Those people do not have superpowers.


All they have is a great set of habits that keep them on track

even when life throws them a curveball.



And here is the good part - it is possible for you too!

As women we often find ourselves helping others, giving everything that we have,

only thinking of our needs after we have finished all the tasks on the to-do list, if at all.


Let me invite you to create your TO-BE list! 

Can you relate to this...?

Want to be more effective but don't know where to start 


Can't say no even when your gut tells you you should  


Constantly trying to please people 


Always putting yourself last 


Feeling guilty all of the time for missing family or work events


Overworking is your default state 


Exist in and out of burnout 

Procrastinate on change because you don't know how 

Jumping from one "solution" to the other, but nothing seems to work

Listening to the opinions of others about how you should live your life

Feeling like you have to do everything on your own

I know how it feels.


How? I've been there too!


You know you not living your true potential. You know you are meant for more. 

But you are overwhelmed.

You have so many plans you just can't find the time for all of them.

So you don't take action.

You feel you are destined to be successful.

But you don't know where to start.

You thought by now at this point in your life you'd be further along.

But you feel lost and stuck.

You dip in and out of an anxious state.

And you are ready to change!



Here's the good news - I've got your back...

this is why I developed my Program


The Program

What you will get


  • 12 weeks support with me as your mentor and friend

  • Exclusive access to the Burnout to Badass course

  • Step-by-step easy to use and easy to execute methods

  • Weekly accountability - I'll hold you accountable for your greatness!

  • Workbooks to assist your learning

  • A mixture of video and audio training

  • Bespoke 1-to-1 time to build your unique success strategy that elevates your style of living

  • Knowledge and tools that have taken 10 years to develop are yours in 12 weeks!

This program is not for you if...


  • You expect things to be done and fixed for you

  • You make excuses and blame others instead of finding solutions and taking action

  • You are not willing to learn and implement new ways of thinking and being

  • You let fear stand in the way when it comes to investing in yourself and your future

Still have questions?

Book a FREE 30 minutes discovery call to explore working with Eva

(value £350)

Short courses


12-week mentorship


So how about this

instead of being confused and overwhelmed?


  • You feel calm and at peace as you take steps to build the life that you dreamt of

  • You 10X your productivity levels

  • You reduce your to-do list and get more done

  • You free up more time and achieve more

  • You are organized and know the next step to take

  • You are in your Power Mindset and feel content